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July 16, 2020

Obama Speaks With Families of Explosion Victims

San Francisco ( The President of the United States, Barack Obama spent Thursday with the relative of the eleven men who lost their lives in the explosion that led to the biggest oil spoil in history in the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama shared his sympathy and compassion for the relatives of the victims. Obama pledged to help the families rebuild and bounce back from their tragedies as best as he can. Obama also said that the relatives would be compensated for all of their financial losses in order to help them get through the rough times they are going through.

The President also alluded to the half-year end to offshore drilling until the procedures can be conducted with guaranteed safety for the workers and environment. However, some of the family members of the victims aren’t very happy with that decision. One of the concerns is that while offshore drilling is considered unsafe, it does provide jobs.

Despite the one disagreement, the families of the victims have confidence in the Obama Administration’s desire and effort towards helping them.

Part of Obama’s initial plans include changing legislature that would allow BP to not have to repay all of the damages and take responsibility for their poor safety measures.

With Obama and his administration leading the way, the citizens of the Louisiana, mainly the relatives of the victims, can be assured that relief and recovery are both on the way. And also with Obama’s lead, it can be certain that BP will take care of the damages and take responsibility for them as well.

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