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December 11, 2019

Obama Speaks In Texas: Talks Taxes and Education, Blasts Republicans

Obama Speaks In Texas

Obama Speaks In Texas

San Francisco ( – Speaking in front of a packed audience at the University of Texas at Austin on Monday, President Obama touted Democratic policies and blasted the lack of Republican advancement.

At the fundraiser, Obama made it clear that the Democratic economic policies are putting the United States back on track and well on the way to a full recovery. In addition, Obama once again reminded the citizens of the United States of just who got us in this economic mess.

Obama told his audience, “It would be one thing if having run the economy into the ground, having taken record surpluses and turned them into record deficits, if having presided over the meltdown of our financial system, that thy gone off into the desert for a while and reflected” Obama went on to say “that’s not what’s happening. Instead they are trotting out the exact same ideas that got us into this mess in the first place. Their big economic plan is to renew the tax cuts that helped to turn surpluses into deficits.”

Those tax cuts would be for the richest Americans. Obama is doing what he can to make sure those are the ones that do not get renewed as he tries to renew the rest of the Bush tax cuts for all other Americans and small businesses.

Obama told his audience that the Republican’s only idea is to renew the tax cuts to the wealthy and that they have no other plans to adjust the economy.

Obama has many other ideas, one of which is funding education more. Obama and his wife, the First Lady Michelle Obama, can both compare to college graduates’ situations as they try to pay off their loans as both of them did.

Obama said in no uncertain terms that it is his personal goal to make sure that the cost of an education will not play a factor in keeping a citizen of the United States from being able to go to college and “pursue their dreams.”

Obama is doing what Republicans are not: working from all angles to improve the American economy.

Obama said that the United States needs to stand up economically for its citizens, especially those seeking simply a college education and education grants. Obama expressed, “we are a better country than that and we need to act like we’re a better country than that.”

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