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September 23, 2020

Obama Praises Education Reform, College Rates Expected To Rise

Obama Pushes For Better Education System
Paul Sancya / AP
Obama Pushes For Better Education System
Paul Sancya / AP

San Francisco ( – Once upon a time, the education system in the United States of America was without a doubt the best in the entire world. As the years went on and new innovations were made in technology and in the military, less and less money was being allocated to the public education department in the United States.

After years of dropping graduation rates and poor test scores for American public schools, President Barack Obama has made it his personal mission to reverse the trend and restore the American public school system to prominence.

Monday, President Obama is set to speak at the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas.

Obama is expected to mainly speak about his goals for college. The top goal being to increase the percentage of college graduates in the next decade. According to Obama, work within the Obama Administration and the Education Department has been done in order to achieve this goal.

Obama also has the goal of making America the top country in the world in terms of college graduation rate. To do so, a twenty percent increase in Americans who get their college degrees would have to take place to reach sixty percent of all American citizens.

Right now, the United States is in 12th place in college graduation rates when compared to the other 36 developed countries. To become number one, the United States would need to see an increase of approximately ten million people graduate college in the next decade.

To help reach this goal, Obama and his administration are looking mainly to make college less expensive for Americans. To do so, Obama will add more funding to the federal Pell Grant system and bring in new programs in order to give students easier systems under which to pay back their loans.

Community Colleges are expected to get a boost of two billion dollars and the Education Grants program is expected to increase by sixty billion dollars. In addition, ten billion dollars to help maintain the jobs of teachers will also be considered on Tuesday in the House of Representatives.

Obama has pressed on to improve education in the United States, and in the coming years we will see all of the benefits of his actions.

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