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February 28, 2020

Obama Making Moves On Health Care

Obama Healthcare Plan
Obama healthcare plan

One of the major expenses for American citizens is health care. President Barack Obama on Thursday expressed his belief that with the current health care system, the well being of American families and the overall economy in this nation are at risk.  That is why Obama also declared that a complete renovation of the health care system is in fact needed.

The restructuring of the health care system is one of President Obama’s most important domestic priorities.

Obama, who was joined by Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy, said that the need to reform the system is not just of moral importance, but also a financial one as well. Obama went on to depict the price of health care in America as “crushing”.

Obama revealed a few aspects of his plan on Thursday. Firstly, the President plans on saving upwards of $634 billion over the next decade for health care as a large leap to attain universal coverage. Secondly, senior citizens who make over $170,000 a year would have to pay a larger percentage for their prescription drugs from Medicare.

The White House Domestic Policy Council’s director, Melody Barnes said about the current heath care situation, “Health care costs are exploding”.

According to studies by Families USA, nearly 46 million Americans do now have health care at this moment and 33% of US citizens under the age of 65 were without health care for some time in 2007 and 2008.

With five regional summits to discuss and promote the alterations to the health care system in the upcoming weeks, President Obama hopes to finally reform a system that has proven to be much too costly for America.

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3 Comments on Obama Making Moves On Health Care

  1. Health care is my number one concern. I have traditionaly voted for republican presidential candidates, because I’m pro gun, but registered as a demicrate and voted for Obama because I’ve realized that there are more important issues than gun control. If president Obama can bring nationalized health care to the USA it will be the most important change since Roosevelts new deal and will secure President Obama’s place in history. I have high hopes for our new president.

  2. Why don’t they start at the biggest problem. The actual cost of seeing a doctor. My wife was in the emergency room the other night for a severe tooth ache. The doctor was in the room for only 3 min. ( I timed it!) We recieved a bill from the doctor for $328. We also recieved another bill from the emergency room for $213. We were in the actual room for less than 30 min. THAT IS RIDICULOUS! Start here and revise the whole thing.

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