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October 28, 2020

Obama Gains Supporters After Supporting Same Sex Marriage, Romney Losing Supporters for Opposing Same Sex Marriage

President Obama sent shockwaves through the media this past week by opening up and acknowledging he supports same sex marriage in the United States. Despite some mixed responses by some, overall Obama has gained great support and sealed his reelection with his very progressive stances in a progressive nation.

Obama said today that he believes same sex marriage will provide equal rights for all people in the United States in terms of marriage and the benefits they could receive. Obama said that by expanding the right of marriage to all couples that it will strengthen the family unit.

With Obama’s support for same sex marriage, he may be rallying the youth and all the true liberal and open-minded people in the United States to vote for him in November. And if he attempts to turn same sex marriage into federal law, then he may in fact start a battle with conservatives that will truly open the eyes of Americans to the closed-minded conservatives who support this form of discrimination.

Romney on the other hand has openly opposed same sex marriage. And with Obama’s recent approval of it, Romney has lost supporters. This includes one openly gay supporter who went as far as requesting the money he donated to the Romney campaign back so he could donate it to the Obama campaign instead.

In a surprising turn of events, the 2012 election looks to be shaping up to be a battle over same sex marriage and ending discrimination in America.

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