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September 23, 2019

Obama Focusing on Trade

San Francisco ( As previously reported, President Barack Obama made a promise to double the amount of American exports to the rest of the world within five years of his February State of the Union Address. With initial success, Obama is looking to increase the number f exports even more via trade pacts.

President Obama is focusing on three particular states to join into agreements of free trade with. Those nations are Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. Obama’s predecessor, former President George Bush tried to install the same three agreements during his presidency, but the measures couldn’t get past Congress due to lack of bipartisan support.

Obama’s intent to gain the trading partnership of South Korea was first announced a month ago, but the plan to move ahead with agreements with Panama and Colombia were first announced Wednesday.

Obama is hoping for bipartisan support on the issue. Obama said, “For a long time we were trapped in a false political debate in this country where business was on one side and labor was on the other,” and “what we now have an opportunity to do is to refocus our attention where we’re all in it together.”

The common thought is that when the United States increases international trade via eliminating trade barriers, the workers of America would suffer notably.

There are issues to get over in the potential trade agreements. One is South Korea’s lack of importing products such as motor vehicles and beef from America. Obama has said that he will work through the issue and figure out a way to make it work.

Obama is already seeing support from both Republicans and Democrats. This is exactly what President Barack Obama wants as evidenced in his statement that, “we’re upping out game for the playing field of the 21st century,” and “but we’ve got to do it together. We’ve got to all row in the same direction.”

President Obama’s hard pressing for a better economy for the United States of America has already brought significant improvements all around from how the economy was left by the Bush administration. With more hard work by Obama, there is no question that the likelihood of the United States economy recovering and improving dramatically compared to how it was in the past is quite high.

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