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August 12, 2020

Obama Facing Obstacle in Education Reform

San Francisco ( Obama instituted a new education reform that would improve schools all over the country for the benefit of the children of America. However, in these troubling economic times, the House of Representatives has passed a measure that would take away $500 million from the program even with a veto by President Obama.

Part of Obama’s reform was the Race to the Top contest to motivate schools across the United States to raise their passing rates, Grade Point Average’s, and the overall quality of the school. The budget for the whole reform agenda is $4.35 billion, but it is facing an 11.5% cut.

Some are arguing that the budget needs to be cut in order to provide money for other parts of education. An approximate 100,000 jobs are projected to be at risk and Congress is hoping to secure $10 billion to make sure those jobs don’t get cut.

Along with the cut from the Race to the Top contest reform, nearly $5 billion were added to the funding for Pell Grants for college students in the United States of America. The measure passed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 239 to 182. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill shortly.

Obama and his cabinet are more than supportive of the near $15 billion to increase education spending, but have reservations about the cuts facing Obama’s agenda, which has proved to be highly successful this past school year. Many schools worked hard to try to win the funding they would receive for doing well under the programs guidelines. States added new laws to improve schools including some paying teachers more for good performance. The state of Tennessee collected $500 million for their progressions and Delaware took home $100 million themselves. Another 30 plus states are looking to win part of the remaining $3.4 billion.

As the bill moves to the Senate, President Barack Obama is hoping to influence the congress people to save his reform and protect the improvements that have already been made. The White House released a statement that read, “It would be shortsighted to weaken funding for these reforms just as they begin to show such promise.”

As Obama’s successful reform stands in high jeopardy, it can be certain that President Obama is working relentlessly to make sure his measures do not get cut after improving the substandard educational system in the United States so much in so little time.

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