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October 01, 2020

Obama Faces Korea, Mexico, and Congressional Spending

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On Monday, President Barack Obama had a plate full of issues to address.

The first situation Obama dealt with was about Korea. As a South Korean ship has been sunk by North Korea, the Obama Administration is taking notice. The actions were frowned upon as this is not the first time that North Korea has went against international law and further antagonized the rest of the world.

The United Nations has been trying to handle the ongoing headaches caused by the isolationist Asian state, but the aggressions continue to escalate. President Obama is raising his caution in regards to North Korea as he has directed military forces to increase concentration on observing the state led by Kim Jong Il.

Next on Obama’s agenda was to address the growing crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. As the oil spill continues to be a growing issue, Obama is not pretending that the spill is non-existent. Obama is stressing his concern and urgency to finally bring an end to the detrimental circumstances in the Mexican Gulf.

And finally, Obama is attempting to pass legislation to change the way he’s allowed to make spending cuts from bills. Obama’s plan calls for the provision that would enable him to cut parts of a bill that he doesn’t see fit before he signs it in order to save money. Then, the bill would be voted on as changed by the President.

President Barack Obama’s has proven to be both challenging and productive. Obama has managed to allot increased protection for South Korea via increasing surveillance on North Korea, pressure the clean up crew to take care of the oil spill, and introduce a bill to allow for more flexibility when working ob spending bills.

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