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April 04, 2020

Obama Supports Small Business, Blasts Republican Blockade

Obama Helps Small Business

Obama Helps Small Business

San Francisco ( The backbone of the American economy has long been the local, neighborhood small business. Small shops around the United States have hired local workers and supplied their surrounding areas with goods and materials for decades. But with the economic crisis of the last two years, the small businesses of America have been struggling heavily and in many cases shutting down.

Thankfully, President Barack Obama is working as hard as he can in order to change that. He is currently pressing to get the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act passed in the United States Senate.

Obama pushed the bill during a visit to Gelberg Signs, a local business in Washington D.C. on Friday. Obama said, “It is so important to pass this jobs bill for America’s small businesses. That’s where most of our jobs are created. And small businesses have been especially hard hit by the economy.”

Over the next ten years, the bill would set aside twelve billion dollars of tax relief to small businesses. The tax cuts are intended to bring about more investment and expansion.

Obama blamed the political games in Congress by Republicans for the bills’ not being passed yet. Obama said, “A minority in the Senate is standing in the way to giving an up or down vote on the bill. Delays mean contracts being put off, workers going without jobs. We need to do what’s right, not what’s political right now. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, we need to come together.”

Obama also touted the progression of job creations in the past seven months. If the bill would pass, the stimulation of job growth would increase and would highly impact the neighborhoods of the United States, thus boosting local economies everywhere.

With the vote on the bill quickly approaching, Obama is doing all he can to avoid an attempted filibuster by the Republican Party. Obama wants to do all that he possibly can to protect the small businesses and the “mom and pop” shops across America.

With the passing of the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, the backbone of the American economy would begin to heal and strengthen the rest of the United States.

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