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January 21, 2019

Obama Backs His Stimulus Package

Thursday, President Obama touted the stimulus plan and called out his critics. He said that the judgments made about it were “phony arguments” and “false theories of the past,” as reported by CNN.

Obama went on to do some criticizing of his own. He proclaimed that all those who claimed the policies of tax cuts over the last eight years were the way to go were wrong. He expressed his belief in new ideas and new progressions.

Obama went on to listen to critiques of the stimulus package and said that hearing the opinions help the plan get better. However, President Obama did mention the cruciality of getting the bill passed as quickly as possible.

Many argue that the stimulus package is just $800 billion being spent and will not really help the economy. Obama went on to refute those claims and say how everything he is doing is with the intent of getting the United States out of debt.

Obama firmly stressed the fact the longer the bill isn’t passed, the deeper the economic troubles will grow.

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