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February 23, 2019

Obama Addresses Nation and Handles BP Oil Spill

With the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico proven to be a disaster of enormous proportions, President Barack Obama sees it as his duty to address the people of the United States on the matter.

Following his visits to the regions affected by the spill on Monday and Tuesday, Obama will make his address. Those areas include Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. The trip will mark Obama’s fourth to visit the affected regions.

In addition to the address Obama will make on live television Tuesday night, Obama will thereafter meet with BP executives to further discuss the oil spill and BP’s subsequent actions. Furthermore, Obama will work with British Petroleum to organize an account that will see the oil company take responsibility and pay for the damages.

Obama’s main goal is to make sure “that we don’t create more victims from this terrible disaster,” according to one of his senior advisers, David Axelrod. Axelrod further explained that while BP has responsibilities to those that invest in them, they also have a responsibility to repay the people of the Gulf for all of the damages and “they need to satisfy that” duty.

It is believed that with BP’s high level of wealth, the damages they are responsible for should not be difficult for the oil juggernaut to handle.

Obama is set to speak with the nation Tuesday night at 8 p. m. Eastern Time live from the White House. With this, Obama is making it clear that he will not let any incident slide by him without his notice. Obama is set to right the wrongs created by the oil spill and also make BP take the responsibility that they have yet to take.

While the Gulf States will be recovering from the catastrophe for what experts say could be years, with the determination of President Barack Obama, it is clear that relief, and ultimately rehabilitation will come.

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