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May 31, 2020

NFL Legend Returning, Randy Moss Unretires

Randy Moss just turned 35 years of age. He also just announced that he is no longer interested in being retired.

Moss said, “I wanna play football. Your boy is going to come back here and play some football, so I’m really excited. I had some thing I had to adjust in my life.” Now Moss is ready for a 2012 comeback.

Moss is arguably the greatest natural athlete in the history of the NFL. Moss is within reach of 1,000 career receptions and is one good game away from 15,000 career yards. He also is tied for second on the all time list with 153 career touchdowns.

Moss first made his name as a star for the Vikings before having two lackluster years in Oakland. Then he took his talents to New England where, along with Tom Brady, he set some new records and put together a few legendary seasons.

His last year was not great. Moss played for the Patriots before being traded back to Minnesota, where he played four games before being shipped to Tennessee where he ended up essentially being a wide receivers coach.

Now the great Randy Moss is back and ready to regain his star. The remaining question, where?

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