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May 25, 2020

NBA Lockout Continues, Owners and Players Still Far Apart

After more talks have gone on between the NBA owners and the players, there is still no agreement to end the lockout and bring about the new collective bargaining agreement that both sides can agree on.

The main complaint by the owners is that the way the league is run, they have been suffering notable losses and have been in the red for a while now and the system needs to change.

The goal of the owners is to create a similar system to the ones run by the NHL and NFL where there are spending caps and teams in the smaller markets are still able to construct teams that can compete for championships.

While the owners do not want to end up locking out the entire year like the NHL did, they still need to make sure the league is profitable enough to where ten years down the road there still is an NBA.

The biggest problem is that last year only ten teams made a profit and twenty were in the red. That makes 66% of the league owners being against any compromise to start the season as soon as they can. Instead, owners want to make sure their wallets are doing okay in the coming years.


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