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September 30, 2020

Mystery Around ESPN Writer Continues, Sarah Phillips Part 3

Here is another story about a scam committed by Phillips and the man apparently working with her, Nilesh Prasad.

She tried to engage a Los Angeles man into some large bets. After that failed, she tried to get him to work for a website claiming he could make close to $1,000 a day.

She then claimed to lose money making bets on claims the Los Angeles man made. With that she guilted him into giving her $2,100 to get better ads on her site to begin to generate more money. When he went to send her the money, the account she sent him was under the name Nilesh Prasad. She claimed this was her friend and accountant.

In addition, they agreed to get ads from The owner of that website says he has never spoken to any of the people involved and was never approached about ad space or anything by Phillips. Adding to that, she threatened the Los Angeles man when he gave her advice on a $3,000 bet that did not pan out.

When Phillips signed with ESPN, he sent her another $2,000 to get on good terms. Phillips never put any ads on the website and deleted her Gmail account that she used to communicate with the man. The website does not exist anymore either. She had scammed him.

Since the news around her broke, Phillips has posted a video and appears to be the Oregon State college student in all of the pictures she has posted. Prasad is another student at the school. Oddly enough, this story seems to be propelling Phillips into even greater fame than she previously held.

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