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September 20, 2018

Mayweather Accused in Domestic Violence Case, Faces Felony Charges

Mayweather faces 34 years in prison for his recent actions
Mayweather faces 34 years in prison for his recent actions

It seems that in the history of professional boxing, some of the greats are hounded by legal problems. Some of the legends of the sport have spent time behind bars for crimes that they may or may have not committed. From arguably the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali to the more ferocious of all time Mike Tyson, boxing fans have had to watch their heroes go to jail. And now another name might be added to the list.

Thursday, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. received more charges stemming from a domestic violence situation totaling to 8 charges.

David Roger, the Clark County District Attorney, claims that Mayweather physically harmed his former girlfriend Josie Harris, and then proceeded to threaten to harm their children, two boys, one 9, the other 10 years of age.

The undefeated boxer is set to go to court for arraignment on November 9th.

He was released from jail last week after being arrested on Friday for theft. He is said to have taken cell phones from Harris and the children. The one incident can lead to Mayweather seeing up to 5 years in a prison cell.

Thursday, three felony charges were added, as well as four misdemeanors for battery and harassment.

If found guilty on all 8 counts, Mayweather faces a maximum of 34 years in prison.

The boxer has a record of 41-0The incident occurred when Mayweather, according to Harris, became upset with Harris’ new relationship and wanted to get her out of the Las Vegas home that he owns.

Mayweather and Harris have 3 children together and were together for 15 years before parting ways this past May.

This comes as more bad news for Mayweather after his poor attempt at being funny in a video addressing rival boxer Manny Pacquiao took a racial turn that was seen as poor taste by most all viewers.

At a time when many are questioning whether or not we will ever see Mayweather and Pacquiao face off in the squared circle, Mayweather must now turn his attentions to maintaining his freedom and staying out of prison.Mayweather was already in the news this month after verbally attacking Pacquiao

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