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October 20, 2020

Kobe Bryant Receives New Contract Offer, $6.7 Million From Italian Team

With the NBA lockout still going strong and training camp already called off, the 2011-2012 NBA season is in question. Thus many stars are thinking about going to play overseas whereas many players already have.

Kobe Bryant is one of those players. The Los Angeles Laker, who led the team to five NBA Titles, was offered $6.7 million to player for one year for Virtus Bologna in Italy.

When he was a child, Bryant’s father played professional basketball in Italy. Bryant lived in Italy with his family during those years. So, the idea of playing in Italy is very attractive to the NBA superstar.

Reports from the Italian team indicate that talks have been going on between Bryant’s agent and the team to put together a deal.

In fact, Bryant has been given a few different potential deals. In addition to the one-year deal, he has also been presented with a one-month deal, a two-month deal, and a game-by-game deal where he would get $739,640 per game until he decides to leave.

The per game deal is the best for Bryant in the case that the NBA lockout ends while the thirteen time All-Star is still in Italy without any difficulty for the team. All the deals have options to let Bryant leave if and when the lockout ends.


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