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October 14, 2019

John Cena Divorce Saga Continues, Wife Wants WWE Superstar to Re-file

Earlier this month WWE Superstar and arguably the biggest professional wrestling superstar since Hulk Hogan, John Cena, filed for divorce. Cena and his wife Elizabeth had been married for over 3 years and had been together since high school.

According to those close to the actor and wrestler, Cena has been having problems with the marriage since shortly after the wedding in 2009. In recent months, Cena has been notably unhappy with his marriage.

Cena, 35, even tried to work out a pre-divorce settlement with his wife in order to make the divorce proceedings quicker and easier for both, but she was sure the bad times would pass and the two would end up happy.

Now, Elizabeth Cena is asking the judge to make Cena re-file the divorce papers. She claims the papers her husband filed have too many mistakes. She cites that he refers to her as Elizabeth Huberdeau, which is her maiden name. She also says that Cena mentions a prenuptial agreement in the divorce papers, but did not attach the pre-nup papers, which he must. Furthermore, the 12-time World Champion said that there was no marital property, but Mrs. Cena says different.

Cena has been the face of the WWE since 2005 and the company has worked to make Cena as happy as can be while at work in order to make this difficult time easy for him. The hope is that Mrs. Cena does not try to ruin the Cena name and image out of spite and is able to respectfully go about the divorce without airing any dirty laundry.

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