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January 18, 2017

Jersey Shore Season 6 Review, Sober Mike Gains Respect, Vinny Creeps, Ron and Sam Fight Again

We may not be Deena, but much like she was this past episode, we’re crying. As happy as we are to see our favorite Guidos and Guidettes reunite for one last summer at Seaside Heights, we are equally as sad to know that this will be the last time.

For almost three years we have been watching Mike, JWoww, Pauly D, Deena, Vinny, Snooki, Ronnie, and Sammie grow from young party-crazy newcomers to the Reality TV world into seasoned veterans and in many cases, mature adults. Season 6 of Jersey Shore may not be like the old years. After spending 6 separate seasons together, all the drama may finally be gone from the cast mates.

This may be bad news for those who want to tune in to see Mike be sneaky, Ron and Sam fight, Snooki and Vinny get it in, and the others do their thing. But for those of us who have fallen in love with these eight, we can watch proudly as they have finally matured.

Ron and Sam

Yes they are back together once again. And this time things are looking to be on the up and up for good. Both have matured and no longer have tempers like they once did. Sammie and Ronnie now know how not to push each others buttons and how to not say things as offensively as they once did.

In the season opener we did see the two argue at the club. Ron said some disrespectful things to Sam, but unlike the past, things did not blow up. Sammie understood Ron was drunk and did not let things get too personal. By the end of the night there was peace and first thing in the morning Ron apologized to Sam and the whole house. While these two may miss the shore house after the season is over, it is clear that taking them away from the party atmosphere full of alcohol will only help their relationship.


Mama Snooks is more like it. Snooki comes into the house this summer 6-months pregnant with Jionni’s son, Lorenzo. Snooki has grown up too. She makes responsible choices throughout the opening 2-hour episode. She reframes from going to the club with the others, takes it down a few notches in the gym, doesn’t go tanning, and even decides to move into a separate home nearby so she can spend time with her cast mates, but also get her rest and silence as she nears the end of her pregnancy.

Pauly D and Vinny

There isn’t much to say about Pauly. He’s the same loveable guy he always was. He doesn’t get in trouble and always brings the comedy. As always he’s everyone’s best friend in the house.

Vinny on the other hand seems to be straying a bit in some ways. His style has changed as he’s now dressing a little more hipsterish and it is pretty obviously he is no longer friends with the gym or the tanning bed. For Vinny there’s no more G and T in GTL. Making things worse is the fact that he make some crude jokes to Snooki about her baby that might turn Vinny into the new bad boy of Jersey Shore.

Deena and JWoww

Both of these girls come into the house this summer with boyfriends. JWoww is still with Roger and things are going well for the two. Deena is with a new guy named Chris and she struggles to accept being away from him. It’s easier to count the minutes Deena wasn’t crying than how many she was crying the first few days in Seaside Heights.


Here’s the biggest surprise of all. Mike has grown up. After 34 days in rehab, it seems that The Situation is sober and healthy for the first time in years. Mike says he hasn’t been this healthy in a decade. Mike does right by the house and cooks them all dinner before they even get home. He then apologizes for everything he has done and promised that with no more drugs or alcohol in his system, he is a changed man. At the club, Mike does not drink and still manages to have a good time. He starts no problems either. And to top it all off, it seems as though Mike might be settling down with Paula. From the evil villain to arguably the most respectable man in the house, Mike has been the most pleasant surprise so far in Jersey Shore.

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  1. This stuff happened how many years ago. So is this thing truly legit? I don’t think so how are you posting this stuff as it just happened this last year.

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