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May 27, 2020

Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap, Season 5 Concludes

For what may be the last time, the Jersey Shore cast members have left the shore house.

Pauly and Vinny capped off their enormous prank as their housemates were all in shock, but were good sports. That is, except Mike. The Situation threw a tantrum and was sulking until the boys gave in and helped him move back his stuff.

Vinny was able to succeed in his long time goal, a three way with lesbians. After begging Ronnie for use of the smush room, Vinny was able to achieve the impossible.

Mike tried to start more drama by talking about Deena’s sister behind her back. When confronted, in usual Situation fashion, Mike was denying the allegations.

The girls then tried to get back at Pauly and Vinny for their prank by starting a water war with the boys. Then the boys turned the tables and beat the girls at their own game, finishing it off by dumping Deena into the hot tub.

Finally, after a final wake up call by Pauly, the cast members left the Jersey Shore.

Next week we will see the reunion show. After that the Pauly D spinoff will begin airing on Thursdays. Following that will be the spinoff with Snooki and Jenni, likely to center on Snooki’s pregnancy.

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