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July 08, 2020

Jersey Shore Season 5 Debuts, Drama Continues in Seaside

After a drama filled season in Italy that left just about every member of the Jersey Shore house ready to leave the European state, our favorites Italians returned to Seaside Heights. However, they did not come alone as the same drama they faced in Italy followed them home.

At first it was all joy when the cast returned to America. Snooki took pickle juice shots and the boys did the old GTL. Pauly, Vinny, Ronnie, and Mike all went out to the gym, get haircuts, tan, and get their laundry done, just like old times.

Soon, at the surprise party thrown by the boss, Danny, drama begins. Jionni was there to see Snooki despite the fact that she had slept with Vinny and allegedly also with Mike. Furthermore, the Unit, Mike’s friend who was there when Mike and Snooki hooked up, is there and he is not leaving Snooki alone.

Vinny is suffering from homesickness after seeing his family at the party. After talking to Pauly and Ronnie, it appears that Vinny has made the choice to cut his time at the Jersey Shore house short and leaves to go home.

Deena is jealous and saddened when Pauly hooks up with Ryder.

Surprisingly, Ron and Sam are perfectly fine.

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