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May 27, 2020

Jersey Shore Recap, Mike Gets Sensitive and Pauly Brings Home Vinny

This week’s episode of Jersey Shore might be one of the most eventful ones yet. Last week, we saw Vinny exit the Shore house, leaving just 7 roommates, that is, before Mike dipped too.

This week, Danny storms into the house and tells the remaining six to make room cause he is bringing in more roommates due to Vinny’s exit and the poor work ethic of the housemates.

This causes all the housemates to step up their game during their work shifts.

Mike then returns to the house and opens up about how his feelings were hurt that Pauly got so much attention for his birthday while “Sitch” did not. However, unknown to Mike, the girls are planning a huge surprise birthday party for him and Pauly at Karma.

The party goes perfectly and Mike and Pauly enjoy the strippers and seeing their friends.

Sammi gets into a most surprising fight at the club the next night. She was grabbed by, as she puts it, a “swarm of bitches.” Sammi then gets thrown out of the club and Ronnie and the gang follow.

The show ends with the gang moping around. Vinny leaving has depressed the house. And being that Pauly is super depressed, everyone else is even more depressed. Finally Pauly says that he wants to go get Vinny.

They go to Vinny’s house in Staten Island and show their love for Vinny, which convinces him to return to the Shore house.

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