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January 27, 2020

Jersey Shore Recap, Deena and Snooki Make Out, Girls Get Into Car Accident

In the latest episode of Jersey Shore, it was all about Snooki and Deena.

After a quick shift at the pizzeria where the cast members work at, our favorite Italians head out to a weekend in Riccione.

The guys go out and take in the town. The girls try to do the same, but Deena and Snooki quickly sour the experience for Sammi and Jenni.

After drinking too much too early, Deena and Snooki are completely drunk to the point where Sammi and Jenni decide to ditch them in order to not play mom for “Team Meatballs.”

The boys eventually run into Deena and Snooki at a random bar and even they cannot handle their drunkenness as Deena dances til her panties fall off and Snooki runs into a bush.

Then Deena and Snooki show up late to dinner and make everyone else wait for them to finish eating.

Once the gang hits the club, the night is essentially a babysitting session for Jenni and Sammi as they try to keep Deena from flashing her vagina to the club goers.

Then it got weird as Deena and Snooki ended up making out for a good three hours and then going to bed together.

That was not the end of the trouble for “Team Meatballs” as Snooki and Deena get into a car accident and send some police officers away in an ambulance. Snooki was subsequently arrested.

The other cast mates were in the show too as Ronnie was accused of swacking Pauly’s gimmicks. Ronnie adamantly denied the claims.


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