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September 23, 2019

George Clooney Arrested, Police Stop Sudan Protest

George Clooney was among a group of protesters who were arrested today in Washington, DC during a protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy. Clooney was not the only major public figure there are many congressional officials were there as well.

Clooney told reporters prior to his arrest that he and his fellow activists are trying to persuade immediate action in Sudan to prevent it from becoming “the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.”

The beloved actor then asked for Sudanese government officials to stop their murderous ways and to stop starving and raping their own people.

Among the arrests were leaders from the United to End Genocide, the NAACP, and Democratic congressmen Jim McGovern, Al Green, Jim Moran, and John Oliver. Also arrested was Martin Luther King III.

The group of protesters were given three warnings by the police before they were arrested. The third warning was accompanied with the promise that arresting would begin if the public disturbance did not stop.

Clooney was required to pay a $100 fine for misdemeanor charges.

Clooney has made public claims to the horrors witnessed in Sudan and is not resting until he and his fellow protesters can get something done about the human tragedies occurring in the state.

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