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September 26, 2020

Elizabeth Taylor Passes Away, Last of Legends

Elizabeth Taylor in the modern day is mostly known as a famous actress from long ago and one of the closest friends of music icon Michael Jackson. Very few people are truly familiar with her works today and her contributions to the entertainment industry and society are often overlooked by the current generation.

For the majority of the last few decades, she was mainly in the news for her marriages and her friendship with the King of Music Michael Jackson.

But on Wednesday, in Los Angeles, CA, Taylor passed away at the age of 79 after battling a heart condition that finally became too much after years of fighting. While she has had the heart problem for years, they have worsened since the passing of Michael Jackson in June of 2009.

And much like society did after the passing of Jackson, as well as most all entertainers, it is now time to look back on the legacy that Taylor has left behind.

First and foremost, Taylor was one of the first women of Hollywood and one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of all time. She won two Oscar’s for “Butterfield 8” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.”

Taylor was also one of the first sex symbols of Hollywood. She was the standard for beauty and grace in the 1950’s and 1960’s and was the center of the media spotlight.

She is perhaps most remembered for her film, “Cleopatra.” The role also led to her relationship with Richard Burton, whom she would marry two separate times in her life.

Taylor also played a large role in charities and worked to fight the spread of AIDS with a foundation that she founded after the passing of fellow Hollywood icon, Rock Hudson.

Through Taylor’s total of eight marriages to seven men, upon her death, she had four living children, another ten grandchildren, and from them she had four great-grandchildren as well.

Taylor’s career began in 1942 with her role in “There’s One Born Every Minute.” Her last role came in “These Old Broads,” in 2001.

Beginning at the young age of ten, Taylor would lead an impressive career that spanned over seven decades.

Whether her name is one that you have known your entire life or if the news of her passing is also the first time you have heard of her, once you learn about Elizabeth Taylor, you cannot ignore all of the amazing contributions she has given the entertainment industry and the world.

1 Comment on Elizabeth Taylor Passes Away, Last of Legends

  1. More and more of the greats are leaving. And in the vacuum, in the space they occupied, we remember the sum of what they leave behind: the things they said, believed — and did.

    Not only is Elizabeth Taylor a legend in her own right for her talent, guts and sheer zest for life — she also stood by her friends when the going got rough.

    When in 1993 and 2003/5 every media outlet in America was peddling and profiting from the manipulati­ve falsehoods of Evan Chandler and Janet Arviso respective­ly, when they accused Michael Jackson of repulsive crimes — Elizabeth Taylor trusted her own knowing and sense of self and stood by her friend.

    Unlike many in Hollywood, who were only there when Michael had the world at its feet, this remarkable woman did not give in to self-prese­rvation but showed her mettle, and held fast and true.

    For this, and for all the other glorious things this titan of the screen did — not least of which her stunning work in helping to advance funding and awareness of the shortfalls in public funding for those who suffer with AIDS — Elizabeth Taylor will be remembered­.

    Safe crossing National Velvet. You were a hell of a broad.

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