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May 27, 2020

Brock Lesnar Loses, Retires From UFC, Maybe Returning to WWE

Ric Fogel, ESPN
Ric Fogel, ESPN

Following a lose at the UFC 141 pay per view, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar officially announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

Alistair Overeem defeated Lesnar in the first round last night. Lesnar has been battling diverticulitis, an intestine illness, that almost cost him his life a few times. His career has suffered because of the sickness and he has fallen hard since his days as Heavyweight Champion.

Many are speculating that Lesnar’s retirement might stem from a new deal to come back to the WWE, where Lesnar once reigned as WWE Champion and one of the top stars in the business. Lesnar has been talking about the WWE often lately and the company is looking to boost ratings as there is a current lack of top heel stars. But again, this is simply speculation.

Lesnar reportedly told his wife, former WWE Diva Sable, that if he had won the fight at UFC 141, then he would still retire after his next fight, win or loss.

With Lesnar gone from the UFC, the company is now lacking one of its biggest stars ever. And with Lesnar possibly coming back to the WWE, the sports entertainment promotion might be regaining one of its biggest stars since the year 2000.

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