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October 31, 2020

ATT Limits Speed of Top Data Users, Network Not Strong Enough

Executives at AT&T have come together and decided that starting on October 1st, the remaining subscribers who still possess unlimited data will see their surfing speeds slowed down. The measure is apparently to make sure that the AT&T network does not risk a crash due to increasing use.

A new report from the company shows that compared to the normal smartphone user, the top five percent of users use about twelve times the data power.

When AT&T brought in the iPhone 4 last year, they got rid of their option for consumers to get unlimited data. However, those who already had unlimited data were allowed to keep it.

To be fair, the network speed is only going to be slowed until the following billing. That way the top consumers who scale back are not permanently punished.

AT&T made it clear that only a few people would have to deal with the slow down. In addition, AT&T is not going to be removing the unlimited data option from anyone who already has it.

With a new 4G LTE network on the way, which is going to be notably faster than the current AT&T network, the speed of users all over the map is set to increase. That brings up that question, if everyone is going to be able to surf faster, is AT&T going to have to force everyone into slowing down?


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