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October 14, 2019

Apple Shows Off New MacBook Pro, New Features and Upgrades

Another one of Steve Jobs’ innovations keeps on innovating as his final touchups to the MacBook Pro were quietly revealed this morning. Without making a huge event and announcing all kinds of new improvements, Apple simply made the new features public.

Every model on the MacBook Pro line is going to be coming out with new processors. For the thirteen-inch model that sells for $1,199,  the ultra fast Intel Core i5 processors are going to be implemented. For the $1,499 model there will be the Intel Core i7 processor.

Both models now will be faster and have more power and memory space.

The slightly cheaper model will now come with 500 GB of storage space and 2.4 GHz for the processor. The pricier model is going to have 750 GB of storage, as well as 2.8 GHz for the processor.

The prices for both models are not increasing as the quality does. The new versions should be out in time for purchase by Christmas this year.


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