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August 10, 2020

Alert: Tsunami Waves to Affect San Diego, Whole West Coast

A magnitude 8.9 earthquake struck the island of Japan early this morning sending tsunami warnings out across the pacific. The tsunami waves are expected to impact Hawaii, South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. west coast.

As the tsunami made landfall earlier this morning on the west coast, its impacts were felt almost immediately in Crescent City, CA where a boat dock has caused millions of dollars of damage to 35 boats that were not adequately secured. Once the original tsunami wave made landfall, the dock was damaged and continued to crash into the boats as more tsunami waves hit the shore.

The effects of this tsunami are expected to be felt for 10-12 hours in San Diego County. In fact, a 2.3 foot wave increase was reported on the coast of Carlsbad, CA this morning. San Diego residents are being encouraged to stay out of the water until the tsunami event is over. Officials warned residents that tsunami waves are not surfable as they do not form the necessary v-shape or curling waves, and often are accompanied by dangers rip currents. Also, authorities are advising that residents do not travel to the coastline to view the event as well. Right now it is just best to stay away from the coast until the tsunami is over.

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