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March 22, 2023

Unemployment to Rise, Government Jobs Disappearing

Attitude reflects leadership. Maybe that is why the citizens of the United States of America are not exactly optimistic about the recovery of the economy and the progression of the job market. Despite making massive efforts to stimulate the American economy via investing in various industries and changing laws in order to increase manufacturing and production in the United States in order to increase jobs and exports, the American government is not doing too much to protect the job market and economy of itself.

The United States government is in a tight spot. Republicans and Democrats cannot for the life of them come to terms on where to cut spending and where to focus spending. With both sides of Congress bickering back and forth and not getting much done until the pressure is on them, it is not surprising that the economy is not in order.

With the spending funds of the government on all levels, federal, state, and local, getting tighter and tighter, layoffs are not just needed, but inevitable.

Beginning July 1st, when the new fiscal year begins, state and local government are expected to let go of a historic amount of employees.

For the first time in history, the government is likely to let go over one hundred thousand workers. A total of 110,000 employees are expected to get their pink slips in July.

Through the work of the government, private jobs have been rising by an average of 180,000 the last three months while the government itself has been losing 23,000 jobs per month for the same three months.

Stimulus package funds are running low and would not be available to alleviate the billions of dollars that state governments are bleeding. As a result, taxes must go up and funding for social services and education is going to decrease even more. The salaries of public employees are also expected to decrease beginning in July. In addition, local governments are running out of money provided to them on the state level.

Education officials are likely to receive the worst part of the cuts.

This summer should see the unemployment rate rise dramatically as hundreds of thousands of government officials are expected to lose their jobs. And unfortunately, due to the slow growth in the private sector, there will not be too many options for those laid off in terms of new places of employment.

It is tough to say where the state and local governments will be in a few months, but according to recent reports, the future is not looking good at all.

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