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August 10, 2022

Top Reasons for Divorce in America: Is Your Marriage at Risk?

The divorce rate in the United States is roughly 50%. According to the United States government, in 2009 6.8 out of every 1,000 people married while 3.4 divorced.

To be fair, the percentage of people who divorce is less than half. Often times people who divorce once end up divorcing multiple times. In fact, studies show that the divorce rate for second marriages is higher than the divorce rate for first marriages (60% versus 41%) and even higher for third marriage (73%). Others studies show different percentages, but all tell the same tale that second and third marriage are much more likely to end in divorce than first marriages.

But what are the reasons for the high rates of divorce in the modern era?

The most common culprits include financial problems, abuse issues, lack of communication, sex life, and infidelity.

Financial problems

Money issues are often at the center of problems in any relationship. Financial strife often brings stress and frustration. When you add arguing and fighting over money to a couple, it can drive a man and woman apart.

Often times money is not the only reason that leads a couple to divorce, but it is often the right fuel to already existing problems that could spark a couple to realize that the end is near for them.

No one is immune to financial issues affecting their marriage. Even wealthy couples can argue over money, which can lead to divorce. This is reportedly the case in the current divorce proceedings of wrestler, actor, and rapper John Cena.

Fortunately, though open discussion and both sides willing to sacrifice, problems due to financial issues can be eased. But other problems are not so easy to fix.


Abuse ranges from physical to psychological. Abuse is one thing that cannot be easily repaired. Many suggest that abuse of any kind is the top reason any person should seek to exit any relationship.

And rightfully so. While some abused individuals might be too in love with their spouse or might be afraid to do anything, nothing could be worse than staying in such a relationship.


For any relationship, communication is key. Honesty and openness is very important. Many marriages deteriorate because couples are not open with each other.

By being open and honest, couples can create opportunities to find a middle ground and continue peacefully. It is not about agreeing 100%, but about sacrificing and realizing that the relationship needs to be 50/50. Disagreeing is okay as long as both individuals are willing to sacrifice what they want for each other.

Sexual life/attraction

A common problem for many divorced couples is that they simply lose their attraction for each other. Even if they still get along, it is not always easy to stay in a relationship where your spouse is much more of a best friend than someone you’re sexually attracted to. If both individuals are honest with each other, this is one of the rare ways a couple can peacefully divorce and remain friends.

Another problem is that there are problems with the sex life. Whether it is because there is trouble reproducing or that one or both partners is disappointed with the sex life, this is often a reason for a marriage deteriorating.


For many people, if their partner cheats on them, there is no question to it: it’s time for a divorce. Different people define cheating differently. Typically couples have limits and an agreed knowledge of what is acceptable and what is not. These are rarely discussed, but instead are unspoken understandings.

Some people are able to let go of infidelity or are simply in denial and refuse to acknowledge it, but for most everyone, if a partner cheats, the relationship is over.

Not all of these reasons are death sentences for marriages, but to many people some of these are. There are many other reasons for divorce not mentioned here. But these five reasons are commonly cited as the reasons for the ending of marriages.

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