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September 22, 2021

Stimulus Package Recap

It seems like the tumultuous argument and debate over the Economic Stimulus Package has been going on forever, but it hasn’t even been a whole month. Nonetheless, the officiality of it is now a 10 after President Obama signed the final version of the bill on Tuesday after the House and Senate reached a compromise on the 13th of this month.

Let’s hit rewind and look at the development of this plan.

The initial plan presented by the House of Representatives, which passed for $819 billion was, as we all know, not bipartisanly supported. How recockulous of the Republicans to not support the stimulating of this nation’s economy! But the Democrats said to the Republicans, au contraire, mon frère (that’s foreign for “on the contrary my brother”) we need this plan!

Even with a staggering zero votes coming from Republicans in the House, the bill passed with the 244 Democratic votes. Yeah, the lackage of support from the red elephants most totally reeked of sucktitude, but it passed and to the Senate’s version we went.

61-37, no, that’s the score from the Texas State, Nicholls State NCAA Basketball game from March 1st, 2004. Well, yeah it is, but that’s what we’re talking about here. 61-37 is the outcome of the voting on the Senate’s version of the stimulus plan. That’s right, Obama’s creation was officially passed in both the House and the Senate. However, this time, a flabbergasting 3 Republicans voted for the bill. What’s that? It’s called bipartisan support! Exactly what our President, Mr. Barrack Obama wanted! I bet his dinner tasted a little bit better that night.

But oh snap, we have a problem now. The House passed a version for $819 billion that was different from the $838 billion version that the Senate passed. Oh wow, what on Earth will we do?!?! It’s called a Compro-wait for it, wait for it-MISE! COMPROMISE!

And that’s just what the House and Senate did. They got together and worked tirelessly together, as a team, to get the final version ready and finalized for President Obama to sign. The Democrats and Republicans worked together to complete a final version, which included quite a few bargains made between the two versions of the bill. Oh, that’s compromiselicious!

So in the end, what do we have? We have a $787 billion package. A few notes- $92 billion for education, 440.75 billion for energy, $24.1 billion for healthcare, $17.55 billion for scientific research, and much more to go to jobs, hunger assistance, housing, infrastructure projects, and more.

And that’s the story of the Economic Stimulus Package presented by President Obama that will hopefully fix the current economic crisis this nation is going through. And let me say, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Phillies, Boston Celtics, Michael Phelps, this Stimulus Package is a winner!

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2 Comments on Stimulus Package Recap

  1. How is President Obama stimulus package plan is going to help us average american people? When ever i tried to get my mortgage lowered or a better percentage rate on my mortgage and when a company tell me i can help you with the Obama stimulus plan and they want to charge anywhere from 2,000-3,500 to help us….So again i ask what is this stimulus plan is doing for us average americans?

  2. The only way to help the people, is to put the money in the hands of the people,Let’s be real,if you stop the big man from stealing the money before it can get to the litte man,by putting some type of regulation or new rule.You cant tell me that all lotto money is actually being spent the way it was intended.If people can’t make money,they can’t spend money.

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