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September 24, 2023

Senate Votes on DREAM Act, Falls Five Votes Short

San Francisco ( It is no secret that the topic of illegal immigration in the United States is a hot button issue for most. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what to do with the illegal immigration situation. Some say let them go through the citizenship process because it would be just too expensive to find and deport them all. Others say spend the money to find and deport them all.

And then there’s the DREAM Act. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act would give millions of illegal immigrants the chance to not only become American citizens, but also gain a college education and/or serve in the United States military. Immigrants who came to the United States as youths, have been in the country for a minimum of five years, and go through at least two years of college or the military during the six years of provisional citizenship and abide by the law can gain their citizenship. To enter the provisional program, young immigrants must have at least a high school diploma or a GED and show “good moral character.”

The United States Senate voted this weekend to determine whether or not the vote for passing the bill would take place.

After passing in the House of Representatives by a final vote of 216 to 198, the vote to go into the final stage of passing the bill came up just five votes short in the Senate.

President Obama did not hide his disappointment in the vote. The President of the United States said, “A minority of senators prevented the Senate from doing what most Americans understand is best for the country. There was simply no reason not to pass this important legislation. It is disappointing that common sense did not prevail today.”

Obama did make it clear that he will continue to press hard for the passage of the bill into law.

The bill makes it possible for those who came to the United States, worked hard in school or put their lives on the line for the safety of the American people and have no criminal history and no examples of poor moral character the opportunity to attain the citizenship that they have earned through their efforts and decency as human beings.

While there is an obvious worry about enforcing the immigration laws, the problem in the nation has increased to the point where it is simply not financially realistic, nor intelligent to track down all of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants and deport them. And when it comes to those immigrants who have taken advantage of being in the United States by bettering themselves and serving their communities, why not reward their hard work and moral character with the chance to become citizens?

3 Comments on Senate Votes on DREAM Act, Falls Five Votes Short

  1. They would not be illegal aliens if they had good moral fiber, they would have come the legal way!! And the argument that it is too expencive to deport them all does not carry water. It can be done and should be done. Arizona has already shown that just the threat of enforcing laws makes Illegal aliens self deport or leave the state. Turn up the fire and watch these law breakers with no moral fiber leave. Nobody will convince the majority of Americans that people who use stolen or fraudulent ID or somebody else SSnumber has good moral fiber. NO WAY. And there is zero reasopn to put a illegal alien child in front of a American child, NEVER

  2. Shame on the democrats that voted against our American kids and the unemployed.

    If the DREAM Act had been approved there will be 2 million less American kids going to college over the next several years because they wanted to give those slots to illegal aliens.

    Why do democrats hate American kids so much?

    Also DREAM would have resulted in 2 to 4 MILLION illegal aliens getting 10-year work permits immediately to compete against 22 million unemployed Americans.

    Why do democrats hate unemployed Americans so much?

  3. Tea Party will fight any kind of illegal immigration AMNESTY

    In seeing that the Dream Act failed to gain enough votes in the Senate, it is now way past time that the 2006 Secure Fence Act was taken seriously. The provisions of the Act that were sacrificed soon after the law was borne by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX), Coyrn (R-TX) and the majority of Liberal Democrats. These politicians amended the bill by cutting funding, to the–REAL–border fence that never materialized. I’m sure now the propagating Tea Party will introduce the Double border fence, with the internal barrier electrified, which would be a major deterrent to the illegal immigration invasion. This would have been an Amnesty, through–CHAIN MIGRATION–for millions of immediate family members sponsored by students? A new revised Dream Act may pass in the future, without chain migration. I think most moderate Conservatives have seen, stealth and the hidden loopholes in the agenda. ALL THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THE DREAM ACT, WILL BE VIVIDLY REMEMBERED IN THE NEXT REELECTION PERIOD IN AN ADVERSE LIGHT.

    Additionally Senator Reid crushed a mandatory E-Verify program that was developed to eject illegal aliens out of the workplace, which has been compromised by fraudulent ID. Both laws could be greatly enhanced by the federal government mandated the 287(g) that gives enforcement authority to the local State, county and local police to arrest and detain. It’s time the federal administrations began immigration enforcement and stop catering to foreign nationals with public entitlements and mass amnesty of any kind. Now both Democrats and Republicans better begin to contribute to American citizens-legal residents, instead of special interests and open border zealots. Gain more understanding of the illegal alien occupancy at NumbersUSA. Annually most Americans are unaware that 1.5 million legal newcomers settle in this nation, with “god Knows” how many illegal aliens to supplement the irreversible overpopulation. Most legal immigrants are heralded in by the Microsoft Bill Gates of America, in lower wage jobs. So it’s hard for me to understand why these billionaire business owners don’t hire US citizens and green card holders already here, to fill job opportunities or even organize national training programs?

    In conclusion–even though the Dream Act failed, these scholars or any young man or women, can join the armed forces simply by going to the nearest armed forces recruiting offices in time of conflict under 8 USC § 1440. If they want their citizenship the Afghanistan war or the potential chance of fighting a war against North Korea opens the door for them. It’s a misnomer that they need the Dream Act to show their courage and skills of leadership. The recruiting Sergeant is waiting for you?

    Ex. Ord. No. 13269. Expedited Naturalization of Aliens and Non-citizen

    Nationals Serving in an Active-Duty Status during the War on Terrorism: Signed by President Bush of July 3, 2002

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