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March 22, 2023

RIM Future Looking Bad, BlackBerry Owners Should Look at Other Options

Before Apple revolutionized the smartphone market with the iPhone, RIM and the BlackBerry were at the top of the industry. Everyone who had a smartphone owned a BlackBerry.

Even as iPhone’s grew more and more popular and usage expanded over years, the BlackBerry was still the number one choice for so many users. But it appears that the end of the line is not too far off for Research In Motion and BlackBerry.

In the first fiscal quarter of 2012, Research In Motion reported results far worse than anyone expected. After the announcement of the delay of the upcoming BlackBerry 10, RIM stocks dropped significantly. Based on just the numbers, it appears that Research In Motion and BlackBerry are on their last breath and gasping for air.

Why is BlackBerry dying?

While the BlackBerry itself is a very popular phone, the trouble is the competition. Despite the success of Research In Motion, their competition is comprised of juggernauts Apple and Google. The financial resources that Apple and Google possess enable them to bring in the best engineering and minds the industry offers.

With the power and capabilities of Google and Apple, it should come as no surprise that Research In Motion has slowly slipped behind.

Just by looking around and seeing what phones people are using around the country, you will see many more new Android phones by Google and new iPhone’s by Apple than BlackBerry’s by Research In Motion.

Is there going to be a resurgence?

Probably not. In fact, the odds are that in due time Research In Motion will seek to merge and become a part of either Google or Apple. Or, Research In Motion might just disappear and collapse as a company all together.

Being that the BlackBerry is one of the last smartphones that comes with buttons and is not a definite touch screen only device, many users will still prefer the Research In Motion phone over the Google Android or the Apple iPhone. But based on the financial situation of Research In Motion there is very little hope that buttons alone can do much to keep the company afloat.

The numbers don’t lie.

The amount of BlackBerry users in the United States and world wide is clearly slipping. The revenue of Research In Motion is essentially free falling before our eyes and the former king of smartphones might soon be dead.

The development of the new devices are behind schedule. The BlackBerry 10 has been pushed back again, this time all the way to early 2013. Some experts are skeptical as to why the delay has occurred because the reasoning behind it is inconsistent. In addition to that, five thousand jobs are going to be cut to compensate for the loss in stock value.

Research In Motion and BlackBerry are not dying, but are already dead.

It is pretty much all but over for the smartphone giant. The news is difficult to accept, but it is fair to determine that there is essentially no comeback left in the tank for Research In Motion.

The losses suffered by the company are too great and the setbacks to the launch of the BlackBerry 10 are adding more nails to the RIM coffin. If the new line of phones is a hit and the company can stay alive long enough to see the positive fall out from the launch, then maybe, just maybe, Research In Motion and BlackBerry can stay alive, at least for a bit longer.

The future of the smartphone world belongs to Apple and Google.

The iPhone, the Android, and the BlackBerry. It’s not the Holy Trinity, it’s the ranking of the top three smartphones and soon, it will be one name shorter.

The iPhone and Android will go on owning the smartphone world for years to come. Being backed by such powerful companies there is very little chance of a third company stepping up and making a real run at the top two spots.

Much like AT&T and Verizon are by far the top two cellular providers in the country, Apple and Google are by far going to be the top two smartphone manufacturers in the country.

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