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August 09, 2022

Rick Perry Dropping Out, Ending Run for President

Today, Rick Perry is expected to officially announce that he is going to drop out of the race to be nominated by the Republican Party for the 2012 Presidential Election.

Perry, who is the Governor of Texas, came into the Republican primaries with a lot of momentum and high expectations. He is leaving the race just two days before the South Carolina primary voting is to take place.

Perry was already considering to drop out after coming in fifth after the initial Iowa voting. He was persuaded to continue trying and decided to stay out of the New Hampshire primary and focus all of his energy on South Carolina.

The main reason he has been hurt in this election is due to his poor performance in the debates a few months ago. If Perry would have ever began to gain momentum, it would have been in South Carolina where his ability to say he is from the South and tout his military history would be very beneficial.

With Perry gone, all eyes are on Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul. It is highly likely that, based on their performance in the first few primaries, one of those three men will likely be up against Barack Obama to fight for the Presidency in the fall.

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