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December 09, 2022

Republicans Gaining Seats, Democrats Holding Strong

Hoeven is just one Republican who ended the day with a smile
Will Kincaid/AP

Hoeven is just one Republican who ended the day with a smile
Will Kincaid/AP

San Francisco ( In what is possibly the most anticipated Midterm Election in recent history, the fight for control of Congress halfway through Barack Obama’s first term as President of the United States is proving to be worth the hype. As polls in some states have already closed, the results are slowly pouring in.

In the United States Senate races, Republicans have gained four seats thus far.

John Hoeven took the Senate seat from Tracy Potter in North Dakota giving the Republicans a highly anticipated victory via what could only be described as a landslide.

Republican Dan Coats beat out Democrat Brad Ellsworth in a not so close race to take the Senate seat in Indiana.

In Arkansas, Democrat Blanche Lincoln lost the election to John Boozman, allowing the Republicans to take another seat.

In Wisconsin, Ron Johnson scored another Republican victory by defeating Russ Feingold.

Republicans maintained their control in South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, Louisiana, Arizona, Wisconsin, Utah, Idaho and Florida. Democrats have kept the seats for Oregon, West Virginia, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, Delaware, and Maryland. The race in Kentucky has been the closest reported thus far.

Currently the Democrats control 48 Senate seats while the Republicans have 44. Another 8 remain to be determined.

In the House of Representatives, the Republicans are reported to have already taken 167 seats while the Democrats have only taken 116. To control the House, 218 seats are needed. 152 seats have yet to be determined.

In the Governor races, Republicans took over eight states from Democrats. Sam Brownback defeated Tom Holland to make Kansas a red state. Bill Haslem snagged a victory for Republicans in Tennessee by defeating Mike McWherter. Republicans also took over Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Texas, Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina, and Alabama remained Republican at the end of the day. And Democrats maintained their control over Arkansas, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, and New Hampshire. Another 21 states are still either voting or tallying up votes.

With a few hours left in the 2010 Midterm Elections, the attention is slowly shifting to the West Coast. As most of the eastern states have concluded voting and results are slowly coming in, the Republicans are appearing to have been able to sway the voters in a few states.

While taking the majority in the Senate no longer appears to be likely, the House of Representatives is shaping up to be a victory for Republicans.

But nothing is official just yet as a good percentage of the remaining seats are to be determined in the coming hours.

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