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June 19, 2024

How Do I Get A Government Job?

With so few jobs available on the job market today and employers constantly making cut backs to their employee’s salaries and even the number of employees within their company, American workers are looking for any source of steady, long-term employment these days.  One good source of these long-term, steady, well paying careers is the federal government.  According to the Office of Personnel Management, the average government employee’s salary is right around $58,000 per year.  This is a pretty competitive salary, especially in these tough economic times.

There are several places that you can look to find these well paying government jobs.  One of the best places to search is online job boards such as  This website works like many of the other well-known job board sites such as and  Government agencies will post job vacancies that are open to the public on this website, allowing anyone with the correct qualifications to apply.  Another nice feature of using a website like is the ability to set up automated searches based on specific parameters you enter.  These automated searches will then email you current openings based on the job description, specific agency, or job title you tell it to search for.  This is a very efficient way to search for a government job as it requires very little effort on your part after you set up the initial search program, you will only need to check your email on a daily basis to read and apply to the latest government job openings.

Another good place to check for government job postings is on the specific government agency website you are interested in working for.  These agency websites will have the most current and up to date job postings, making them a great resource when looking to apply for a government job.  If you are serious about applying to work for the government you should narrow the agencies you are most interested in working with so that you can monitor their current job openings on a daily or weekly basis.  The jobs listed on these websites will constantly be updated so it is best if you check back as frequently as possible.

There is a wide array of government jobs currently available.  No matter what your interests and strengths as a worker are you will be able to find several job postings that meet your requirements.  Federal law enforcement positions are probably in the highest demand at the moment.  Positions such as border patrol agents and homeland security personnel continue to be some of the most abundant positions within the federal government.

If you are not interested in working such a dangerous job as a border patrol agent, there are many other government positions in more traditional fields such as medicine, health and education as well.  Within the medical field alone there are many jobs available working in a clinical setting, public health, and even health policy positions.  If you are more interested in a career within the education field, the federal government has been spending a ton of money lately to bolster the U.S. education system, creating positions such as teachers, librarians, vocational rehabilitation specialists, public health educator, and instructional systems specialists.  If time is a concern you can always take a few online college courses to help better position yourself for a government job.

Whatever your field of expertise and interests may be the federal government is sure to have several career opportunities waiting for you.  With the help of job search boards such as and current open positions on agency websites themselves, using the internet to uncover the many job possibilities within the federal government is a great way to find your next career.

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