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January 19, 2022

Paris Hilton Not Too Worried About Cocaine Possession Arrest in Vegas

Los Angeles, CA ( – On Friday evening in Las Vegas, hotel heiress Paris Hilton was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance. Paris’s boyfriend, Cy Waits, was driving when pulled over by a motorcycle police officer who smelled marijuana smoke when he approached her vehicle. Upon searching Paris’s purse, the officer found 0.8 grams of cocaine.

Now here is the ridiculous part… Paris claimed the purse and cocaine were not hers BUT the credit cards, $1,300 cash and asthma medication were indeed hers.

In the official police report it is noted that Hilton told the officer that she “thought it [the cocaine]was gum”.  How dumb does a criminal have to be?

Appropriately so, Paris Hilton’s lawyer, David Chesnoff asked people not to “rush to judgment”.  I got a good laugh from that one.

Maximum sentence for a felony drug conviction in Las Vegas carries 4 years but the most likely outcome in Hilton’s case will be a $5,000 fine and probation which is unfortunate given her stupidity and history of petty law violations. Paris Hilton served 45 days in a Los Angeles prison in 2007 on a DUI arrest where she violated terms of her probation.  Hopefully the judge takes into consideration the fact that Paris has had a blatant disregard for the law in the past and sentences her to some jail time.

Unfortunately this will not hurt Hilton’s endorsement deals as all companies who currently endorse her already know her reputation as a “bad girl” and a “party girl” so they will stick by her side. In fact this may add to her ditsy party girl mystique.

It was obvious that Paris Hilton does not care much for the trouble she got into on Friday night as by Saturday morning she was already tweeting, “In bed watching Family Guy. Love this show! So hilarious! Stewie is my favorite 🙂 love his accent.”

Wow. Some people never learn.

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