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December 05, 2020

Obama’s Stimulus Package Vote

Friday is the day that will tell whether the struggle for the passing of Obama’s Stimulus Package was worth the effort. The voting for the final version of the bill will take place late Friday.

Originally the voting for the plan was to be held on Thursday, but due to some Democrats’ displeasure at some of the spending cuts, they wanted to review the compromises’ wording more.

The Democrats do not believe that the spending portion of the plan is enough to fix the economic crisis in America. Despite those beliefs, it is also much too late and unlikely to restructure the bill.

On the other hand, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi believes the plan will do wonders for the United States and all of its citizens. She has called the plan, “transformational”.

Pelosi stated that every aspect of the plan has been carefully explored and made in the best interest of fixing the economic issues.

There was a high concentration on education in the negotiations for the compromise of the bill.

Members of Congress are not all on the same page when it comes to their opinions of the plan. Many believe it will work smoothly and create the projected 3.5 million jobs, while some think it will simply slow down the recession.

The stimulus package is expected to be on President Obama’s desk, ready for his signature come Monday.

President Obama, the Senate, and the House of Representatives have worked vigorously on the Economic Stimulus Plan and as this week comes to a close, we will find out what lies ahead for the United States of America and our economic situation.

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4 Comments on Obama’s Stimulus Package Vote

  1. Obama Im so glad you are my president you ROCK im the same age as malea well by but you know your the first black president alive you know whats next the first black girl will be president i wish you had to pick me to sing at the anogration i could blow maybe next president alive is me and malea could be my vice president love millie

  2. I thought you were going to try to be different and not allow a bunch of needless pork into a stimulis package. Some of the things added could have been debated seperately. I believe a stimulis package should be money carefully spent that would benefit the economy the most and quickly. Since you do seem very intelligent and had such a great managed campaign, I wanted to give you a chance to not be that far left liberal that we all hoped you weren’t. If you aren’t that person, then why did you allow a bill that had all kinds of excess spending that will not quickly jump start the economy into a stimulis bill. Do you enjoy being Peloski’s lapdog? I’m glad we finally have a black president, but now you can prove how you can be a president for all.

  3. I thought you, Obama, did not support ACORN, just represented them. But, in your stimulus package you yourself put in $350 Million dollars specifically for them. Further, you do not release these funds to them until 6 months prior to the next Presidential Election. This is absurd. Not only did you lie to us, but you are using the hard working tax payers money to fund your own agenda. I am very disappointed!

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