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January 19, 2022

Obama Works For Jobless

San Francisco ( After taking the First Lady Michelle Obama and their two daughters to Maine for a relaxing weekend mini vacation, President Barack Obama was back in office on Monday and got straight to work.

One of the most important issues going on in the United States of America today is the unemployment crisis that is currently at nearly ten percent. And with that negatively affecting millions of Americans along with their families, President Obama knew that he had to take action on the issue of unemployment first and foremost.

On Monday, Obama confronted Congress and told them that unemployment benefits must be extended as soon as possible in the United States. Obama stressed his annoyance at the Republicans in the United States Senate, who have been standing in the way of extending these benefits and thus leaving millions of Americans flirting too closely with the poverty line.

Obama said with passion that the government of the United States has “a responsibility to offer emergency assistance to people who desperately need it” and that those people are currently those that sit on the unemployment lines.

On Tuesday the Senate will vote a new measure that would extend the opportunity for those unemployed to apply for benefits through November. This would tack on another 33 billion dollars to current deficit spending.

Republicans in the Senate have blocked the passage of such a vote a few times already. Republicans have been using the excuse that if such a bill would pass that many would take the money from the unemployment benefits and avoid looking for work.

President Obama argues adamantly against the outrageous claims by Republicans. Obama has stated that “that attitude reflects a lack of faith in the American people,” who Obama says “aren’t looking for a handout. They desperately want to work.”

Obama says that the Republicans are trying to save the nation money in order to look better financially when the midterm elections come up. Obama argues that “there are times when you put elections aside. This is one of those times.”

As the unemployment level stands currently at nine and a half percent, Obama is working hard to lower it in every way that he can. Obama has been using the stimulus package of last year to extend work to millions of Americans and is creating new jobs on a daily basis. Most of these new jobs are in the clean energy industry. With the investment in electric and hybrid cars, jobs are soon expected to pop up in new factories and plants throughout the nation, especially in Michigan, which in turn will help boost the economy.

In some states, people will be able to get a grand total of 99 weeks of benefits if they are unemployed, if the Republicans do not block the bill once again.

The majority of Americans still believe that it is the Republicans who are at fault for the current economic and jobless situations in the United States. And right now it is again the Republicans who are at fault for not helping the citizens of America that are in need “make ends meet” as President Obama said.

As President Obama continues to press Congress to pass the bill on behalf of the unemployed citizens of the United States of America, it is clear that the Democrats are working for the people of America, while the Republicans are currently only concerned with saving every penny and making themselves look more frugal come November 2nd. At the end of the day, the men and women of the United States will have to decide who should run the nation: the side that is working to provide for the people, or the side that is trying to hoard every cent that they can.

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