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November 27, 2022

Obama Visits Gulf, Continues Relief Effort

Obama Visits Gulf
Pete Souza / Official White House

Obama Visits Gulf
Pete Souza / Official White House

San Francisco ( The tragic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in April of this year went from being a terrible incident into a catastrophic disaster that has already cost 6.1 billion dollars and cost thousands their jobs. President Barack Obama did all that he possibly could to help those affected by the spill, as well as keep it from getting worse.

Obama not only forced British Petroleum to take responsibility for the spill and repay the costs of the damages done to the region and the citizens of the region, but he also sent down clean up forces to ensure the swiftness of the relief.

Saturday, Obama made it clear that just because the well is capped, the work of the American government is not done. Obama said, “I’m here to tell you our job is not finished and we are not going anywhere until it is.”

Obama sympathized with the men and women of the Gulf Coast. He said that he feels for them in their time of need after they had been robbed of their jobs. Obama made it clear that those are the people he is going to assist.

Obama, along with the First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughter Sasha, is visiting the Gulf Coast this weekend. Obama is making his fifth trip to the gulf since April, this time to Florida.

Upon coming to Florida, Obama touted the clean up in the Gulf Coast. Obama said, “As a result of the clean up effort, beaches all along the Gulf Coast are clean, safe, and open for business. That’s one of the reasons Michelle, Sasha, and I are here.”

To further his exclamation of the cleanliness of the gulf, Obama took a swim in Alligator Point with his daughter.

There is no question that Obama is pleased with the great progressions already made in cleaning up the gulf. However, Obama made it clear that he will not be completely pleased until the clean up is final and complete. President Obama said on Saturday, “I won’t be satisfied until the environment has been restored, no matter how long it takes.”

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