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November 27, 2022

Obama Talks with Medvedev

Thursday saw United States President Barack Obama and the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev have a discussion. The talk mainly had to do with economics.

Obama spoke about increasing the exports to the Soviet state while Medvedev had an agenda of his own. Medvedev pushed for a higher influx of modern technology into Russia.

One of the resolutions that the two men arrived at had to do with chicken. Russia is now willing to remove limitations on the import of American chicken.

This is not the first time the twp Presidents have sat down with each other. Obama and Medvedev have spoken on numerous occasions in the past few years. The former Cold War enemies who still had issues up until 2008 are now on relatively good terms because of the current leaders.

After meeting privately, the two went out to lunch to celebrate the new agreements. What followed were the official announcements of the new plans.

Their seventh meeting went on as they left the press conference and continued to another business meeting.

After the Bush administration left the relations between the United States and Russia very poor, the Obama administration has pulled a one-eighty. With the urging of President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, there is now great progression and improvement in the relations between the two powerful states.

Thus far, Obama has been able to get Russia’s cooperation on issues pertaining to nuclear weapons, Iran, and now economics and business.

As the business and economic sides are now beginning to form, it is only a matter of time until the benefits to the world economy are seen via increased trade and innovation in Russia.

As relations continue to improve between the United States and Russia because of President Obama’s and President Medvdev’s willingness to cooperate, it is a very attractive thought that Russia could be restored to a strong power in the world and one that is in alliance with the United States of America this time around.

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