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August 15, 2022

Obama Talks Tea Party

San Francisco ( As the Tea Party has emerged swiftly out of the Republican Neoconservative party, it has come time for President Barack Obama to address the radical new movement. And the President of the United States of America did so Thursday night Nevada.

President Barack Obama attended Harry Reid’s fundraiser Thursday night. During the financing event for the Democratic Senate Majority Leader of Nevada, President Obama promoted Reid and knocked the Tea Party and its candidate, Sharron Angle.

About Angle, Obama said, “she favors an approach that’s even more extreme than the Republicans we got in Washington,” and “that is saying something. I mean she wants to phase out and privative Social Security and Medicare.” President Obama went on to comment that the Tea Party’s Sharron Angle “wants to eliminate our investment in clean energy. Wants to eliminate the federal investment in our children’s educations.”

Angle’s views lack a certain something that is very important in politics. Some would call it logic, others may call it reason, but all can agree that the Tea Party’s candidate lacks intelligence on these issues. After all of the progressions made by President Barack Obama in the last year and a half, Sharron Angle is looking to undo all of the good that has come America’s way in that time.

Angle claims that her ideas are the right ones, saying that under Obama’s system, America is “going in the wrong direction under the leadership of Obama and Reid.” Angle has ignored the jobs created by Obama’s stimulus package, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Angle is focusing highly on helping the corporations of America prosper even more in order to hope that they will create all of the jobs saying, “we stimulate the economy by giving business the confidence to take risks.”

Apparently Angle didn’t watch the news for the last couple years and wasn’t told about the hundreds of companies that failed and needed the billion dollar bailouts.

Obama criticized Angle for her reactions to the recent Oil Spill in the Mexican Gulf Coast and how the costs that are being paid for by the company responsible for the spill BP, which Angle called a “slush fund.”

After Angle took it back, calling her use of the phrase “slush fund” inappropriate and wrong, Obama replied, “I’m sure she meant ‘slush fund’ in the nicest possible way.”

Obama was clear that he isn’t for Sharron Angle and the rest of the Tea Party and their extreme ideals. Obama commented, “Most of the people I meet her in this state, they don’t think like that. They don’t subscribe to that kind of thinking.” After making that clear, Obama asked the ever important question to the people of Nevada, “why would you want somebody who has that philosophy representing the people of Nevada?”

As the Tea Party has come about quickly in the past year, some have jumped onto their bandwagon and hooked onto their ideals. However, President Barack Obama is not drinking the Kool-Aid. As Obama inspected the philosophies of the Tea Party and examined their goals and how they approach issues, the President of the United States of America realizes that the Tea Party is no good for the United States. And with his support for Harry Reid, Obama wants to make sure that the people of Nevada don’t make the mistake and risk having an extremist leader that might lead them in the same direction as Jan Brewer has led Arizona.

With his hard pressing actions, Obama and Reid will more than likely maintain their hold in Nevada and keep the Western state prosperous.

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