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September 28, 2022

Obama Takes On HIV

San Francisco ( There is no question about the severity of the HIV virus. For decades the disease has ravaged not only the African Continent, but the rest of the world as well. And that includes the United States of America. As no cure has been found for the tragic disease, the number of people who contract HIV and AIDS increases all of the time. And despite the ability to live a normal, stable life even with the horrendous virus, as evidence by National Basketball Association legend Magic Johnson, avoiding the virus all together should still be the goal of all Americans.

And to assist the citizens of the United States of America in not contracting the disease, President Barack Obama on Tuesday will reveal a new plan to help decrease the negativity of HIV and AIDS. The plan will work to stop new people from becoming infected, as well as helping people who do have the disease have easier access to attaining the proper medicine so they can live as healthy and stable as former Los Angeles Laker, Magic Johnson.

The new strategy by President Obama and his administration is reported to aim at decreasing the rate of new contractions of HIV by twenty-five percent over the next half decade. Also, the strategy calls for 85 percent of people inflicted with the virus to get the proper medicine and help within three months of contracting the illness.

After over one year of debating, planning, and researching, Obama and his administration have put together the first ever collective United States plan to take on both HIV and AIDS.

The plan puts extra focus on the groups that tend to have the highest rate of HIV and AIDS contractions. Those groups include African American males, gay men, and bisexual men.

Another part of the plan is to bring local programs to help those who do not have HIV or AIDS learn about what puts them at risk in order to help them stay disease free. Those same programs would also work to help people who have contracted the illness not spread it, as well as control it within themselves so as not to get more ill.

The plan will also implement in the United States of America similar efforts used by former President George Bush and his administration to improve the AIDS epidemic in other countries, primarily ones in the African Continent.

President Obama’s new plan is gaining support from all sides. According to the American Foundation for AIDS Research’s Chris Collins, “We’ve never had that kind of coordinated, accountable effort to address AIDS in America, and that’s what we need.”

According to information from the American Foundations for AIDS Research, a new person contracts HIV AIDS every nine and a half minutes, but only one out of every five of those people knows it.

In order to help the people in the United States who live with AIDS, President Obama gave states $25 million to help a reported 2,200 people get the proper medication and treatment that they cannot afford on their own.

With President Barack Obama leading the way, the HIV AIDS virus is now the one in danger. As President Obama and his administration put their new plan to work, the number of HIV AIDS contractions in the United States will drop and the health of those with the disease will rise. With his detailed plan, Obama is making a giant leap to make the United States of America a healthier place.

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