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November 27, 2022

Obama Submits Treaty and Honors Officers

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The possible use of nuclear weapons in the world has been a major issue for decades. The biggest possessors of nuclear weapons are the United States and Russia. With improving relations between the two nations recently, President Barack Obama has been able to work out a treaty with the Russian country.

The current treaty, which Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed four weeks ago, has been sent to the United States Senate in order to be reviewed for ratification. If approved, the previous 1991 treaty, known as the Strategic Arms Control Treaty, would be updated. The new plan calls for both countries to eliminate thirty-three percent of their nuclear weapons.

One snag in the issue is the amount of votes needed in the Senate for ratification. Obama will need 67 votes in Senate. Out of the one hundred possible votes, some must come from Republicans. Obama is seeking bipartisanship as this issue is not an American domestic dispute, but an issue of international safety.

While bipartisanship has been hard to come by the past decade, now is the time for Republicans and Democrats to put aside their differences and work together as the United States of America and stop being divided on nearly every important issue.

In other Obama news, the President welcomed some of the best police officers in America to the White House. Obama called the officers brave and extolled their judgment on the job.

The National Association of Police Organizations chose officers based on their achievements over the past year. Actions include the New York Times Square bomb disarming, saving hostages, and rescuing a child from a car on fire that was nearing explosion.

Obama praised the officers for putting their lives on the line on a daily basis. Obama credited them with protecting America and its citizens.

Despite all of the problems in health care, Arizona, and the Middle East, Obama does not forget to honor the men and women who put themselves at risk everyday to protect America.

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