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July 26, 2021

Obama Reflects On First Two Years, Realizes Mistake

Obama admits mistake
Official White House/Pete Souza

Obama admits mistake
Official White House/Pete Souza

San Francisco ( It is rare in the political world of the United States to see someone admit to doing something wrong. It is even more rare when that someone is the President of the United States of America himself. But that is exactly what President Barack Obama did Thursday while attending a small get-together in Seattle, Washington.

Some who attended the small gathering asked the President about the poor feedback he has received on some of the reforms he has passed in the first half of his historic presidential term. President Obama told them that the Republicans did everything they could to knock down Obama and his ideas. Obama also told them that he was wrong in not fighting back.

The President of the United States admitted that he devoted all of his time to constructing the best possible policies for the American people and did not spend nearly enough on actually explaining the benefits and advertising his plans.

However, President Obama did say now that bills like Health Reform are truly beginning to be implemented throughout the nation, the American people are now seeing first hand the benefits of what he has done.

Obama was clearly disappointed in the amount of negative advertising against his policies, but made a point to say that he and his administration will continue to do what is right for the American people and to explain to them all of the positives of what is being done.

The Head of State said, “I think that one of the challenges we had two years ago was we had to move so fast, we were in such emergency mode, that it was very difficult for us to spend a lot of time doing victory laps and advertising exactly what we were doing because we had to move on to the next thing. And I take responsibility for that.”

Obama then proceeded to knock down the Republican assertions that Obama and the Democrats are responsible for the debt and deficit of the United States due to their spending. The President said that the Republicans are painting the picture as if he created all of the debt when in actuality he had a $1.3 trillion deficit waiting for him.

Obama then knocked the Republicans again for their ideas to cut spending. As Republicans suggest cutting Health Care, Obama points out that the reform would actually bring in $1 trillion in the next two decades. As they suggest cutting the rest of the stimulus package, Obama makes it clear that the only part left that hasn’t been spent is for “tax cuts, which they say they’re for.”

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  1. Part of the President Obama mistake is appointing Clintion as is foreign affair Minister. What Obama campaign for is difference from Clintion.

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