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August 18, 2022

Obama Plans To Take On Climate, Says 2011 Issue Will Be Handled

Obama will press for climate bill

Obama will press for climate billSan Francisco ( The issue of climate control and global warming has been one that has plagued both Democrats and Republicans since the 1990’s. Now, President Barack Obama is announcing that in the next year, he will take a stab at the lasting issue and hopefully take care of it once and for all.

The main problem is the amount of American carbon emissions. When it comes to an issue so massive as carbon emissions in a nation where millions are driving at any given moment, it is extremely difficult to improve much less fix such a problem.

But President Obama is adamant.

Obama has already instituted numerous new regulations on the automobile industry that take effect on all 2012 models. Obama has also helped boost the electric car industry massively. The President has also put stricter regulations on trucks and all cars using gas.

Obama told Rolling Stone magazine, “One of my top priorities next year is to have an energy policy that begins to address all facets of our overreliance on fossil fuels. We may end up having to do it in chunks, as opposed to some sort of comprehensive omnibus legislation, but we’re going to stay on this because it is good for our economy, it’s good for our national security, and ultimately, it’s good for our environment.”

Obama is on the right track with taking the issue on in steps. Much like rebuilding the economy and overhauling the health care industry, the process of reducing carbon emissions is a slow one that needs to be addressed from all angles and not from one attempt at a swift bill.

Obama’s previous climate bill did not even get voted on in the United States Senate due to its complexity. There were too many disagreements between the two parties and many compromises were being requested of Obama.

One facet of Obama’s first bill is expected to be retained, but in a similar form. The cap-and-trade system will now only be instituted on utility emissions.

Obama has openly said that he is confident that a new emissions bill will be complete within a year and that it would improve the economy and environment significantly.

The only issue Obama is now facing is the possibility of Republicans and Tea Party members taking Democratic seats in both the House and Senate come November 2nd.

If that were to come into fruition, Obama’s struggles with lack of bipartisan support will definitely increase.

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