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June 09, 2023

Obama Makes Announcement on 2012, Running For Second Term


The news almost seems as if it did not even need an announcement. A no-brainer to many Americans, President Barack Obama is set to inform the nation of his intentions to run for a second term as President of the United States of America in 2012.

Obama is expected to make the announcement via a mass email or text message on Monday. A video by Obama personally making the announcement is also said to be released on Monday.

Monday is also the day that President Obama is hoping to sign the proper documents to enter his name in the 2012 Presidential Election ballot with the Federal Election Commission.

It is also being reported that on April 14th in Chicago, Illinois, President Obama will put on his first of many 2012 reelection fundraisers.

With the rising cost of elections in the United States, Obama is putting his name in for the 2012 election so he can begin to collect funding early on. In total, Obama is hoping to collect as much as $1 billion for the reelection campaign. It is going to be a difficult challenge as each person who donates to the campaign can only donate as much as $2,500.

Phone calls are expected to be made to the top Democratic donors this week. Joe Biden, the Vice President, is also going to be in New Hampshire on Monday speaking with top donors. Other members of the Obama team will continue to meet with Obama’s supporters and donors.

While Obama is hitting the 2012 campaign season with a running start, Republicans are still sitting at the starting gate.

No candidates are emerging from the Republican Party.

However, Democrats are reminding people that members of the Republican Party have been bashing Obama for the majority of his first term in office and while no one candidate is out yet, the entire party has been running a slander campaign on Obama for years.

And then there is the Tea Party and other parties, which may or may not come up with enough funding to run in the 2012 Presidential Election.

One issue that may arise with the Tea Party bringing in their own candidate is that it would take votes away from the Republican candidate, thus practically handing the election over to the Democrats and President Obama.

It is obviously too early to tell who will even be a part of the 2012 Presidential race much less who will win, but it is a definite that Barack Obama is going to be in the fight.

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