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May 28, 2022

Obama Health Care Reform Gains Support

President Barack Obama has reported that numerous organizations will take up the costs of providing health care.

The amount that these groups will take responsibility for is reported to be 1.5%, which over the course of one decade will provide the government of the United States a total of two trillion dollars in savings.

Obama stated that this could result in the growth of health care spending being reduced by as much as 20%.

A total of six groups from the drug industry, hospitals, unions, and insurers are the current groups signed on.

Despite all of the commitments from these groups to provide money for health care, it may still not happen unless Congress passes the reforms.

In addition, it is not completely clear exactly how these savings will be made. Speculations include more quality care over quantity of care and even all of the components of health care billing combining into one bill so costs would be able to be cut.

With the plan set up the way it is, it is estimated that within five years, the average family could expect to save up to $2,500 yearly.

With the inclusion of the outside organizations working with the United States to get health care costs under control, Obama and his administration expect that the health care reform will pass in Congress this year.

After getting health care under control, the Obama Administration hopes to move attention to other programs such as education and the environment. All of this is being done with the overall goals of getting the current National Debt under control.

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