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September 22, 2021

Obama Finalizes Iranian Sanctions

San Francisco ( Just weeks ago the United Nations decided to impose several sanctions on Iran in order to pressure the Middle Eastern state to bring its nuclear weapons programs and uranium enrichment programs to a halt.

This was followed by the President of the United States Barack Obama bringing his own sanctions against Iran. Among the dozens of sanctions, several companies, organizations, and individuals were blacklisted.

Iranian officials argued that the sanctions would only hurt the United States, Europe, and Asia in the long run due to taking away those possibilities for business partnership with the blacklisted entities. However, President Obama was not deterred by the claims.

Thursday night, President Obama signed the bill to finalize the sanctions.

The sanctions take aim at American exports of fuel and petroleum products into Iranian territory. It also doesn’t allow American banks to conduct business with anyone or anything working with the Revolutionary Guard of Iran.

Despite the lack of success seen by previous sanctions against Iran, the severe sanctions by both the United States and the Security Council of the United Nations have the combined firepower strong enough to finally bring Iran’s nuclear aspirations to a halt. Obama described the new sanctions as the “toughest sanctions against Iran ever passed by the United States Congress.”

Obama went on to express that he still wants to see progress in peace talks with Iran, but that the actions of Iran with their nuclear programs, support of terrorist associations, and oppressing of civil rights cannot be ignored any longer.

While the outcome of the sanctions cannot be predicted today, the goal is clear and definite. As President Barack Obama said, ”There should be no doubt. The United States and the international community are determine to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

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