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January 19, 2022

Obama Comes To New Jersey, Fundraises For Midterms

Obama fundraises in New Jersey

Obama fundraises in New JerseySan Francisco ( With the Midterm Elections coming up quick on November 2nd, President Barack Obama is deeply focusing on campaigning and fundraising for his colleagues in the Democratic Party. With the Republican Party ahead financially in many instances, partly due to big business and the wealthy politically siding with the party and thus donating to them, Obama knows it is necessary to talk to as many people as he can to get as much funding as he can.

And this week President Obama continued his fundraising and campaigning trail in Cresskill, New Jersey. There, Obama held a fundraiser in the form of a dinner attended by a small crowd of wealthy Democrats at MWW Groups’ Michael Kempner’s house.

A total of fifty people attended the gathering. Each paid $30,400 to attend the get together. A total of one million dollars were raised for the Party that is expected to go to the New Jersey Democratic candidates for the Midterm Elections.

Obama expressed the urgent need for more funds by explaining that the Republican Party is highly energized at the moment and the Democrats need to rally the Democratic voters to come out and vote on November 2nd.

The United States Head of State said, “right now all the reports out there are that the main challenge we have is closing an enthusiasm gap between the Democrats and the Republicans. We’re not finished unless we lose sight of that long game and start sulking and sitting back and not doing everything we need to do in terms of making sure our folks turn out.”

Obama is well aware that will the current excitement firing up the Republican Party, the Democrats might lose the majority in Congress in less than one month. Without those majorities, the ability to pass new measures without major conflicts and compromises would be greatly difficult.

Obama is doing what he can to rally the Democrats to come out and vote. The President has been holding numerous private fundraisers like the one in New Jersey this week, as well as many big scale fundraisers in the forms of mass speeches in front of large crowds. Both have helped Obama and the Democratic Party bring in millions of dollars for the current election.

With less than four weeks remaining until Election Day, Obama and his colleagues are sure to be going strong on the campaign trail in order to make sure that they maintain the majority in Congress.

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